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How to Remove a Jeep Hard Top without Damaging It

Jeep rides are fun, exhilarating, and adventurous – so much so that you don’t really know the real meaning of outdoor fun until you have enjoyed a jeep ride. 

If you have your own jeep, especially, you know the drill! The frequent road trips, the adrenaline rush, the exhilarating feeling of a bumpy road, and the soft, whooshing sounds of the breeze that tingle your nerves. The feeling is out of this world!

But what is it that can make this experience more fun?

Removing the hard top of the jeep!

Yeah, you read that right. 

Rides become more fun when there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face. When you can truly connect with nature and enjoy the weather, that’s when you know the real thrill. 

Those who love to explore the streets, staying by the road, and spread their wings like an eagle know how important it is to remove the jeep’s hard top. However, is it that easy? 

Most people think it is one person’s job. They are somewhat correct.

Can One Person Remove a Jeep Hard top?

Removing a hard top can be a daunting task. Most people believe it is a two-person job. Now, the question arises, can one person remove a jeep hard top all by himself?

The answer is yes! 

It might be challenging to do so. However, the person needs to be accustomed to their vehicle and have enough experience to get through the process. However, you must remember that a jeep is a costly investment. If you’re inexperienced with removing the Jeeps hard top, it’s best to get the professionals involved.


  • Unscrew the four edges of the head top. You might need hard top removal tools to carry out the entire process.
  • Once you have unscrewed the edges, put down your tools and hop onto the back of your jeep.
  • Sit in the boot in such a way that you can easily push the hard top off the jeep with full force. 
  • It should be detached from the jeep if you use enough force. 
  • Secure the hard top and keep it safe for later use. Alternatively, you make use of a hard top storage service.

Make sure you have removed every securing point before you opt to remove the hard top from your wrangler. If a screw stays on, not only will it become difficult for you to remove it, but also you might end up damaging the hard top of your jeep.

Taking the screws off is not the hard part. Put them back in their assigned places is. To avoid confusion, keep a container with you at all times and name tag the screws. Otherwise, you might forget what screw goes where, thus leading to a lot of wasted time that could otherwise be avoided.

Safety Measures

  • Remember that hard tops aren’t heavy to carry. However, they are pretty large in size, which is why it is difficult for one person to take them off. Therefore, it is essential to have the appropriate tools to remove the screws properly. 
  • You might want to release the interior latches and disconnect all the securing points properly. Otherwise, the process is going to take a toll on you, ruining your ride. 
  • Before delving into the process, make sure that all the electrical fasteners are withdrawn from the hard top to avoid any mishap.
  • To prolong the life of your hard top, it is important to secure it. Be mindful that weather conditions can ruin the entire look of the hard tops. Keep yours safe!
  • Make sure to read the manual before attempting to remove the hard top as they come in different arrangements and settings. Some people end up ruining the weatherproof seal in an attempt to remove them. Don’t be one of them!
  • If you feel like the hard top is too heavy for you to carry, leave it on. You might end up damaging it. Ask for help if you need to carry it and store it. 
  • It is crucial to keep your calm during the whole process. Removing the hard top takes time and patience. You need to be focused on the task at hand, all the while maintaining your cool. Stick to the process and be patient!

Final Word

Removing the hard top of a wrangler is all good if you have enough helping hands to get you through the process. However, because of the process involved and the size of the hard top, it might get difficult to manage it all by yourself. 

Make sure that you closely follow the process. Don’t forget to keep the screws safe if you ever get the urge to put the hard top back on. 

If you’re not comfortable with removing your hard top by yourself or you have no place to store it, get in touch with Swap Your Top. They’ll remove your hard top, replace it with a soft top, and keep it in their storage facility. When you get the urge to put your hard top back on, they’ll put it back for you.